Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Long time gone

True, I’ve been missing for the last month.

MONTH???!! Really? It’s been that long?

O.K. The blame lies with me. Once more I went and forgot I had agreed with myself to take a few projects only, until I got accustomed, and stick to my schedule. PROMISES!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Call it what you want – **it happens!

So I’ve been reading, or trying to. Mainly to understand my recent black mood and ways to handle it. Although it’s been improving of late, the fear it created was monumental.

Being in a place where it is economically hard to see a psychiatrist constantly. All that we are left with is to find our own solutions or ways to cope.

All this landed me to the following pages. Which give me hope to go on.Inside a Tipping Point and 5 Warning Signs That Could Be Your Tipping Point.

The reason I needed this “hope” was because, even after being told so, I still held on to the belief that if I stayed on my meds as prescribed, I’d be on my way to a better managed life. Sure enough there has been improvements, small as they seem, that I notice.