Monday, 2 January 2012

And here we go!......

"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end:

 then stop." 

Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Sounds simple, does it not? Well not for me.

Here's the why's (hope that's correct grammar) 

I'm a 38 year old (believe me I had to work it out - again). Most of my life story I can only relate from 2nd hand accounts and vague (hopefully true) memories. No joking, I finally had to save my kids birthdays and ages on my organizer to keep track, not because of the number mind you (there is only three of them). Don't ask me their classes (grades) as I'll have to guess.

"Are you serious?" You may ask and it's not only you, my wife thought so too (and still think so at times - I guess). I could (and still can) do with 2 or less hours of sleep in a day. I can give you facts on a multitude of subject most of which are not related with my field. Oh! and somehow I almost instantly understand and can (or advice on how to) fix virtually any mechanical/electrical piece of equipment I come across, but don't ask me how!

Yes it was, and still is, a struggle to sleep and not because of the despair - that came later, but since childhood I was always the last one to fall asleep. Back then it would be always "he's too excited" or "you woke up late, so you're not sleepy". (Which isn't the case, we know now. Don't we?) Later on I was introduced to the wonderful world of television and novels, which were my substitute for sleep.I mean, why struggle in bed tossing and turning for hours when I could go through an entire novel by morning? Or surf the channels till 4 a.m.

"What about school?" You wonder. Well believe it or not. For me that was a breeze, except for homework and revising for exams of course. I mean why bother with something that dull, when you always seem to have the answers when the tests come around (without cheating)? Although the fact that my sister was one class ahead, and that I somehow always found her textbooks more interesting may have played a major role in it. This went on till I reached Secondary school.

So there I am, off to boarding school. No parents or nosy neighbour to watch your every step (escapade). Woohooo!!! Let the fun begin!!!

( be continued) 

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