Monday, 15 April 2013

HELP!!! I've Been Taken Hostage!

Another rainy week here. So here I am reminiscing on my journey through life. All those 'wrong' turns I've taken, in my relations, my career and my lifestyle. And the glaring conclusion is that I let my condition take me hostage!

In my defense, it took 39yrs to finally get myself diagnosed. Partly due to it being an alien disorder in this part of the world and also our 'macho' attitude for assuming 'minor' problems.

Looking back, if I had learnt about it then, I think my relation with my wife would have been different. My career choice more attuned to my condition and choice of friends more informed. But enough of the self flagellation. What is my way forward? What will be my motivation? Where am I heading?

Ok, I admit that adjusting to the condition and treatment is the rockiest part so far. One day I'm on track and the next I've out of sync. Furthermore it been ages since I had a decent diet/meal plan. (One meal a day was more than enough for me!)

Schedules were a thing of fairy tales. I mean by the time I could remember where my diary was, I had already forgotten what I was to note down. Worse still was the fact that by the time I could remember to get the new year’s diary, was almost August! and yet here I am now. Have to take meds on time, plan my time and ensure I eat right and three times a day. What a nightmare!! Further the fact that when you think the people you need support from understand, they suddenly throw a wrench into the works.

Luckily, I've been making new friends/tribe-mates online who are in the same predicament, supporting each other as we make it (and when we fall giving each other a hand). A big shout-out to you all!

So now I have, for the first time, come up with concrete-ish short term and long term goals. Easy as it sounds the challenge is keeping it simple and with minimal goals (procrastination aside) and try to adhere to set goals. For now I’m struggling to read Zen To Done (ZTD): The Ultimate Simple Productivity System which sounds like it may be helpful.

At least with this diary I will start keeping track of what I'm doing and will have my friends to help me stay on track.

P.S. Just discovered a blog I begun and abandoned 5 years ago but I'm reviving it.

Have yourselves a focused week!!

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