Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I WILL let you down!

Over the last few days I have been playing back a few of the incidents that have happened over the years concerning my relation with people I  came across. Some were (fewer still are) my friends, acquaintances and relatives.

Armed with a better understanding of my condition and how I reacted to situations that presented themselves, I’ve come to that conclusion.

That's something I know. Some may feel I failed them, others may despise me or get mad at me (maybe all of the above). But WHY???

Its quite simple actually. Unless you are ready to accept that we are unique in our own way, you're in for a shock. Apart from the fact that most of the time we may act/react differently from most people, our thinking process is also quite different.

As I'd mentioned in an earlier post. (See Boundaries post) My mind has a lot of channels each processing whatever information I get and each arriving at a different conclusion. All this happens concurrently.

Imagine reading a novel where the ending and the plot changes at each decision point. Now imagine reading all the different versions that will be there at the same time. That's just a taste of how I am.

Thus, when you need my contribution, be patient, try to respect the fact that I may not give you an outright reply. I need to filter through all the different scenarios that come to me and give the most relevant (or at times the least offensive) conclusion/opinion. Although this sounds rude/arrogant, believe me it is the truth and the sooner you accept it and give me a chance, you will find that we will understand each other better and have a more harmonious relation.

So the next time you are mad, annoyed, embarrassed and/or whatever negative feeling you'll get for what I've (not) done. Remember that its not that I ignored you, or kept quiet as a sign of agreeing with you.

Also consider that all these channels are not working intentionally. I just cannot shut them down when I feel like!

Have a relaxed week.


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